Our ICT and business management services are positioned to help our customers transform, operate, and manage their businesses and organisations. We operate across multiple industries and geographies, with a strong presence in South Africa.


Harnessing the digital revolution for business model innovation to achieve superior outcomes. Re-imagining and redesigning organisational activities for and with digital technologies.

Digitalisation has been identified as one of the major trends that are changing how organisations work and society lives today and in the future to come. The fourth industrial revolution digital technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT); artificial intelligence; machine learning; cloud computing; high speed broadband connectivity; big data & analytics; blockchain; and robotics present a wide range of transformative opportunities for different industries. The potential benefits and impact of digitalisation are high, ranging from internal efficiencies, external business opportunities, and business model innovation for socio-economic and financial gains.

We can assist your organisation to plan and navigate the digital transformation journey by providing relevant and insightful business and technology advice. We can also partner with you to execute your digital transformation projects.

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 IT Networks

Designing, implementing and managing IT networks for a connected enterprise. Integrated local and wide area networks, enabling work and collaboration anywhere.

We design, implement and manage data networks including infrastructure devices such as switches; routers; access points; wireless controllers; firewalls; and network endpoints. Our IT networks services include onsite and remote network monitoring and management using appropriate network management systems and tools.

Our areas of expertise include LAN management; software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN); IoT networks; private and public Wi-Fi networks; and network cabling (UTP and optic fibre).

Using SD-WAN technologies, we simplify enterprise network management and realise benefits such as network agility, network data segmentation, ease of deployment, central management and control, and ultimately reduce network management costs. SD-WAN optimises data traffic over multiple available connections (optic fibre or microwave broadband, MPLS, LTE, 5G) to deliver best possible user experience across all network locations.

Our SD-WAN solution provides cost effective and secure remote working (Work-From-Home) connectivity, enabling superior performance for communication & collaboration applications such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, and others.

IoT low power networks are expanding exponentially both in public (e.g. smart cities) and private areas (e.g. industrial IoT, smart homes), which makes network management a key capability required for IoT low power networks to achieve best network performance and maintain a high level of network availability.

Our IoT networks management offering includes functionalities such as user authentication, provisioning, configuring, monitoring, routing, and device software management.

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Protecting critical technology networks, applications, and data against the ever present and evolving threat in the digitally connected and information driven world.

Digitalisation and the high level of connectedness is rapidly transforming how we work and live. Unfortunately, the same technologies increase the attack surface area for cybersecurity threats that organisations, homes, and individuals have to contend with. Technological trends such as cloud computing, edge computing, and IoT are redefining the location of data and applications – with extensive impact on traditional IT security operations requirements.

The traditional security boundaries have been eroded by sophisticated attack methods used by the present-day malicious actor. As a result, we architecture our solutions in overlapping layers to provide collaborative defence-in-depth to eliminate single points of failure.

We provide services to our customers across a wide range of cybersecurity touchpoints, including products and services such as IT security threat detection, prevention and monitoring; identity and access management (IAM); security information and event management (SIEM); cloud security like cloud access security broker (CASB); managed firewall; antivirus and malware protection; fraud detection systems; URL filtering; vulnerability testing and assessment; and more.

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 ICT for Education

Providing digital platforms and connectivity to transform and enhance teaching and learning experience.

We believe in the power of education to empower and transform people’s lives, in as much as we can attest to the transformational capabilities of technology. Our approach to using ICT for the delivery of education is premised on our quest to achieve transformational impact in the education sector.

Our digital platform for education comprises of Moodle as a learning management system; online collaboration tools; broadband internet connectivity; and cloud computing.

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 Broadband Internet Connectivity

Connectivity and internet services power up most business operations today. Broadband infrastructure and converged telecommunications services are a critical part of the 4th industrial revolution.

Inkanyezi Renaissance Group helps government entities with the development of strategies and masterplans for the deployment and commercialisation of municipal and state owned broadband infrastructure, to provide affordable internet connectivity to underserved areas including rural and peri-urban communities.

We build and manage public Wi-Fi networks on behalf of local municipalities, and assist them with the development of sustainable business models for the provision of free public Wi-Fi. Similar services are provided to large businesses through our managed enterprise Wi-Fi service.

Inkanyezi Renaissance Group is licensed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), for the deployment, ownership, and provision of telecommunications infrastructure and services in South Africa (I-ECNS and I-ECS licences).

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